The Winter League runs every Sunday throughout the offseason, all members welcome.

The League standings are based on an aggregate of a players 6 best stableford scores, plus 2 compulsory rounds throughout the season.

The format is individual Stableford, full handicap, and pairings are picked at random each week.

If a player wins a round they lose 1 shot off of their winter league handicap, and if a player scores 40+ points they lose 2 shots.

Entrance fee is £2.50 per week with a one time joining fee of £5.

If you are interested in playing please be at the club for 8:15 am for an 9:00am shotgun. Coffee and bacon rolls available at registration.



Winter league 2019 - 2020

 PlayerTop 6 scores (Shots Lost)Total
1stAndy Wade383839403633(4)224
2ndPhil Ellis363738363935(1)221
3rdPete Borders363232433739(3)219
4thRich Mills353935353440(2)218
5thJonny Rob353438363440(4)217
6thMark Waring363538343437(1)214
7thMick Heys363538343437213
7thCraig Vest303541443330(3)213
9thCharlie Holloway353437333834(1)211
10thDale Chew333235423234(1)208
11thMick Parenti373834303235(1)206
11thChris Thornsby363237323435206
13thClive Cook333433333237202
13thSteve Scholes343629324229(2)202
15thTom Gilbert363340303229(2)200
16thMarshy Marshall293536362835199
16thGlen Duckworth312939343234(1)199
18thStu Jackson303836352830197
18thCarl Earnshaw343135343033197
20thAl Stobbs293631323434196
21stVince Korobczyk303434303037195
22ndNick Stocking313034333332193
23rdAlan Payne342932333029187
23rdDez Crossley353130323029(1)187
25thSimon Hemmington383725213232185
26thRichard Wood223341273024(1)177
26thRuss Waring303030292929177
26thGeoff Whitworth342422313531177
29thIssac Davey-Day322428263527172
30thChris Mitchell243136242525165
31stMike Sparkes223033263222165
32ndGodfrey Pickles232725261829148
33rdAndy Hutch2339272131141
34thKeith Lowry2628262832140
35thNigel Halstead29393535138
36thChris Hartley211924232520132
37thWarren Duckworth3221252823129
38thBill Simpson2125212733127
39thChris Godfrey28353328124
40thMatt Saxon32332630121
41stRyan Gaffney2720232999
42ndMatt Edwards30282785
43rdS Doyle14233168
44thMark Harper333366
45thP Daggers25142665
46thJohn Stobbs18221858
48thA Gibson261743
49thKeith Lacy3636
50thMark Wallis2828
Final total score = best 6 scores plus scores from 2 compulsory rounds on 29/03/2020 and 05/04/2020