Our course is ‘on course’..

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With rumours of the season being able to start in some way in mid-May (don’t hold us to that!) we have a few more photos to add to our update on the course below.

Unfortunately the season has been delayed due to the C-word. But C also stands for course and coming on creditably. So whilst the frustration grows for lack of play the grass is actually growing quite nicely in the background. With the warmth of the current April sunshine and the sprinklers set the fairways and greens have been given a good start this year.

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A spring sunrise over the 1st and 9th fairways

No course grows into the right shape without the right work. Nigel and Steve have been on the course throughout and the hard work is certainly bearing fruit. The Winter Leaguers will recall the sodden ground underfoot in the last few months but now we are fast going the other way with the hardening greens and the sand, well, resembling sand. In fact, a quick check in with Steve and we’ve now put out the sprinklers to concentrate some water onto the greens overnight. If the wind stays quiet and the sun keeps shining the growth on the greens will come on no end.

Steve Hughes giving the rough on the 8th fairway a trim.

So while all the hard work is being done and the course is being prepared for that first day’s play we’ve a few photos to show you how fantastic our course really is. Not only is the course itself fantastic but it’s location is as good as it gets to play golf.

The sprinklers in action on the second just after sunrise.


Sprinklers meet on the 3rd


Looking back to the tee on the 8th fairway. The fairway looking more defined after growth and cutting.


The early evening sheds light on the superb sculpturing of the 16th at TGC.


Sprinklers on the 2nd with Stoodley Pike in the background.


The 8th in the afternoon sun.


The bunkers on the 16th being brought back into shape.


Early morning at the par 3 5th at TGC


A view down the fairway of the 6th at TGC.


Evening at the 9th and 18th at TGC.


Sunset over Rive Rocks and the 3rd at TGC.

[If the photos appears a little big on your phone then turn it on it’s side. You can click any image to fit it to your screen too]

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  1. Les Woodhead Posted on 18th April 2020 at 4:34 pm

    Brilliant to keep members interested on a marvellous course.Just waiting for the good times to return.

    • Client Posted on 28th April 2020 at 4:31 pm

      Thanks Les, keep in touch with the newsletters and hope to see you on the course soon. Thanks, TGC.

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