Course open! A letter from the Captain

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We are pleased to say that from Wednesday the course will be open following the government’s announcement yesterday. Please read and adhere to the points in this from our Captain.


Dear Member

As you know the Government has relaxed the lock down slightly to permit a golfer to play on their own or with members of their household. If there are such household members and they are not Club Members then they do not need pay a green fee.
It is also permissible for a Member to play with someone from a different household to the Member. It is my understanding that this does not permit a family group to play with someone from a different household.
The course will need preparing and, hopefully, it will have been by Wednesday. Please note and observe the following at all times. Most of it is as issued by the R&A in consultation with the Government.
  1. Social distancing (keep 2 metres between you and anyone else) has to be observed at all times both on and off the course
  2. The Clubhouse remains closed.
  3. The locker rooms should be closed but they will have to be used as access to the toilets and to allow clubs to be retrieved but once they have been they should be taken home and not returned to the locker.
  4. Only one person in the locker room/toilet area at a time.
  5. Book your tee time through BRS.   Do not turn up if you have not made a booking through BRS and do not have a designated tee time.
  6. Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your tee time and leave promptly after it.
  7. Please change in the car park.
  8. Please observe the one way system to the 1st tee and back from the 9th/18th green.  Please go to the tee up the path and return from the green across the 1st/10th  fairway.
  9. The nets are closed.
  10. If you wish to use the chipping area or practise green then priority must be given to those playing before you. Any flags on these areas should not be touched.
  11. The bunker rakes should have been removed but, if not, they should not be used or touched. If you are in the bunker smooth it as best as you can as in the old days with your club and/or foot.
  12. Preferred lies apply in bunkers. The ball may be placed in the bunker within a club length of the original spot and no nearer the hole.
  13. Ball washers should be covered but, if not, they must not be touched or used.
  14. Benches and bins should have covered or removed but, if not, they must not be touched or used.
  15. Flags will remain but must not be touched.
  16. Stakes must not be moved but can be treated as immoveable objects.
  17. The hole should have been altered either to prevent the ball entering the hole or not fully doing so. If the former and your ball hits it then it is counted as holed.
  18. If your ball is within 12″ of the hole it should be taken as a “gimme”.
  19. Do not touch any ball that does not belong to you.
  20. If you come across someone using the course for social and/or recreational purposes then please politely ask them to move on.
  21. Only one player on the tee  box and green at any one time with the other player/s a minimum of two metres away. In order to maintain a reasonable pace of play the  first to putt should putt out and not mark their ball should that be necessary if the first putt doesn’t drop. Social distancing has to be observed at all times including when looking for a ball.
  22. All players must observe these rules for the good of all. The Club could be liable should someone fall ill or worse if suitable and adequate arrangements are not in place.
  23. It is social golf only. You can keep a card but keep your own. Do not exchange cards and do not get your card countersigned. 
Please observe these points and we should be able to enjoy some golf. It may not be golf as we know it but it is golf.
Very best wishes
Author: Client

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